Every time you think Japan can not do anything weirder movie-wise, along comes something like Daruma-san ga Waratta, which is deliciously messed up.
There's partying hard and having a lost weekend and then there's this guy who parties so hard he nearly knocks out the person standing next to him.
13-year-old home-schooled National Spelling Bee champ subjects CNN's Kiran Chetry to an extremely painful live interview.
The host of a British trash TV show Jeremy Kyle lambasted his audience, rightly so, for laughing at a victim of male domestic violence.
This is an epically spectacular accident that happened at the "Jolly Rally" at Valle D'Aosta in Italy. As dramatic as it looks luckily no one injured.
Could the world of dating be improved if it was sponsored by corporations? Or put it this way, could it get any worse?
June 12th, 2015
The routine of this DJ is legendary and it doesn't get more epic and enthusiastic than his throwing off his hoodie to lay down some moves before busting out some music. #legend
A guy gets thrown through the windscreen of his vehicle in this dragster race, but some how manages to walk away totally unscathed like a total boss.
A tiny is transformed into a cute monster who eats whatever is in in sight, including small trees made of kale.
Nissan 350Z Procharger challenges a Porsche 911 GT3 , but then, player 3 joins the game! Along comes a Golf Mk1.
This prank is so hilarious it should probably be illegal, as a guy sits in a toilet cubicle, asks for toilet roll and then wipes pretend poop on people's hands. Lawl.
If you thought teenagers had attitude and a lack of respect for other people's property, that's nothing compared to this cat.
June 5th, 2015
This is your dose of childishness for the day, as a man rests his hand on a window sill and pretends to eat traffic driving by.
Strapless is like a stop just before topless, so we can only await with interest the follow up commercial for TomTom navigation for convertibles.
What happens when you cut the music from the Rihanna's music video "Stay"? Well, it all gets rather awkward and uncomfortable.
Some of the most populer first person shooter games get the Lego treatment, including Portal, Skyrim, Bioshock, and Counter Strike.
A brillant GTA-themed tribute to a number of memorable highlights from AMC's fantastic series.
In one of their strangest rap battles to date, Bill and Ted verbally take on historical pioneers Lewis and Clark, played by Rhett and Link.