March 10th, 2014
Skaters failing is always good fun to watch, but skateboarders falling in slow-mo is just the best. Stare in amazement as they fall over backwards onto their ass. Smile broadly as they fly off a railing and end up injuring their pride.
YouTube comedians Dead Parrot deliver the last in the current series of their YouTube Comment Reconstructions, this time featuring a One Direction and Miley Cyrus double bill to go out in style.
March 7th, 2014
It's not recommended, but this is one way to unclog your toilet—and sure it may be effective, the person who's toilet it is might not be too happy with the results.
March 7th, 2014
In China, they know exactly what to do when it comes to selling corsets—just show how much it improves a woman's cleavage and you have a best seller on your hands.
March 7th, 2014
Just because your relationship's over and everything seems lost, it doesn't have to be, because you can still win the breakup with a little help from social media.
Jimmy Fallon, Jonah Hill and even Martin Scorsese get together to reminisce about the 90s using Twitter's hashtag concept. Hashtag LOL.
Oh man, it’s time to start praying to whatever entity you believe in, because after watching this you’ll realise there is no God, because if there was why would they let someone unleash this horror on to the world.
March 5th, 2014
Today is the day you watch a Russian snowboarding homage to a Guy Richie film—it's called Lock, Stock and Two Alpine Snowboards and it's great.
Sure, you're fully informed that the show features a talking poop and a foul-mouthed kid called Cartman, but did you know the show also started life as a Christmas video?
March 5th, 2014
Scaring the crap out of your friends really is one of the funniest things you can do, and if you film it then the funniness never ends, so sit back and enjoy a compilation of loved ones soiling their pants!
We all know that dogs and man are the greatest human-animal team going, but just how badass this pairing can get is realised to its full potential in the military canines of the Navy Seal.
All the celebs of the Viral Vine world are here for your amusement: Logan Paul, Zach King, and all those others ones that aren't quite as famous as those two.
Every now and then, as much as Fox News tries to avoid it, the truth will out on their show, due to a guest coming on who actually knows what they're talking about. And it's a joy to behold.
The day you get your ass whooped by a skinny girl in a wrestling match is the day you hand over your manhood and become an outcast in the eyes of society.
Hungry cats and kittens are basically just Cookie Monster in disguise, nom noming away on whatever it is they can get their paws on, which means hilarity and cuteness overload for anyone watching it.
Mesmerizing stuff, you could probably watch this on a loop for hours and hours, the sort of video you could have streamed into Google Glass and have constantly on at the peripheral of your vision for those moments when you need it.
February 26th, 2014
Imagine if the cast of SpongeBob met Alan Moore’s Watchmen and they morphed together to become one, what a brilliant mashup idea it would be - the sort of idea that needs to be made into a TV show. Pronto.
February 26th, 2014
Adult movies are in short supply on the internet, so find out how to make and star in your own version and you'll be rich and happy and famous before you know it.