June 10th, 2014
BaneCat is back and this time he's brought a friend with him to wreak havoc and join forces as formidable feline super villains. Where's BatCat when you need him?
Cody loves nothing more than to sit on his owner's shoulder and have a chat, play some peekaboo and have a laugh—it's almost like he's human.
In this clip Arst Arsw rearranges every word spoken in the original Star Wars movie in alphabetical order to give you a choppy, OCD version of the film like you’ve never seen before.
A Smart Car dares to race a Mustang in a drag race of epicness that has some very surprising results—and total embarrassment for one of the cars.
The DIY X-Man Colin Furse tackles Pyro, by making a contraption that allows him to shoot 12ft flames from his wrists.
The Honest Trailer guys do a brilliant take down of everyone's favorite 1980s movie about homoerotic beach volleyball and flying planes.
I bet you wanna touch it, you DO, don't you. Trouble is it will try to eat you if you are dumb enough to offer it your hand! Still wanna pet it?
No doubt you were busy in May, busy watching other types of videos so you may’ve missed out on the many, many videos uploaded that show people hurting themselves or just acting like idiots. That’s where Fail Army has got your back.
TNTRussia has posted a hilarious mashup video of various movie characters taking selfies by superimposing a phone onto them at the exact right moment.
The most annoying game in the universe, that also manages to be one of the most popular, gets the savaging it so readily deserves.
LA actor Tobuscus has released a new funny Literal Trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, and it points out a very interesting fact: why is everyone staring so hard at each other?
This should be interesting, as buddies turned arch enemies Prof X and Magneto sit either side of the table and the Prof attempts to fire Magneto from the mutant cause.
With Tim Burton at the helm, this Alice in Wonderland reboot had everything going for it—then it was released and it turned out to be a pile of stinking, over-acted poop.
Daredevil, or madmen, Andy Lewis slacklines bewtween two hot air balloons that sit 4000 ft in the air and not a safety line in sight.
In Jimmy Kimmel Live's latest Lie Witness News, they take to the streets to ask really stupid people about how they feel about Godzilla being based on a true story.
This is no doubt the one and only time you'll enjoy watching American Idol, as a completely lame show is turned into a work of sheer brilliance.
Women perform household chores in their smalls, but it's not what you think — it's so science can ascertain the correct postures and develop relevant equipment. Honest!
Being a total a-hole to your parents is pretty much a teenager’s prerogative, because we all know parents totally suck, yeah. But just as he gets to the part where he flips off his mom, it suddenly takes a turn for the worse.