One ring to amaze them all—meet Taiwan's famous street performer Isaac Hou who will blow your mind with his amazing cyr wheel performance.
Every day around Westeros dragons terrorize the innocent livestock and children of Meereen. Watch to find out what you can do to help.
It's not the usual sort of "action" you'd hope to get in your car, but hey, you're never going to get a better compliment than this about your bass system, because it's not so much the music that was played but the way it was played.
J Keith is not a happy man (and lets’ face it, who would be in this situation)–After noticing an old man in a red car taking pictures of his girlfriend and his two kids, J Keith confronts him and asks him what the heck he’s doing.
Do you think that if you die and go to heaven, you wake up on a Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot? It must be so. Because not only do you get to see Kate Upton in swimwear you also get to have a load of laughs.
While these wipeouts might not be too much fun for the people involved, to watch them be engulfed in giant waves is delightfully awesome.
This is Séan Garnier and prepare yourself to be wowed by his skills—that means you too Ronaldo and David Beckham, who are no doubt cowering at Sean's soccery might.
Come one, come all, roll up, roll up and get your Vine fix of the week, full of mega-fun, mega-WTFness and the mega-lulz.
Whoever this girl is, she seems to be carrying a little flame for a certain Ryan, as she gushingly leaves him a voicemail saying how she'd love for him to call her. Noting beats those morning-after regrets.
If you ever thought Conan the Barbarian could be improved by loud, ripping fart noises or that Predator needed a few squelchy air bagels to punctuate the macho dialogue, then you’ll be grateful for this video.
5 year old Jordan puts us all to shame and shows us how to write a hip-hop song in 30 seconds—watch out Kanye!
Here's how you make Katy Perry's music much more palatable—you get rid of the music entirely and replace it with hilarious and childish sounds. Much better.
In The Onion's new satirical series, they look at a couple's relationship and discuss with them when they first starting making the beast with two backs. Happily, crudeness ensues.
Just when you think Pete Holmes wouldn’t be making any more Ex-Men videos because his show got cancelled, along comes another one. But this time the Professor isn’t so much trying to get rid of a mutant, but seduce one.
This woman is incredibly flexible, so much that you'll shake your head in disbelief as you watch her contort her body into positions it hurts the brain to think about too much.
This what it looks like to do a final check on a VFA-87 airplane before it takes off from the USS George H. W. Bush...and it's AWESOME!
Yelling abuse at sports people is a fan’s prerogative—but these days you can do it on Twitter with just an @ symbol and a keyboard.
A fat guy replaces Britney Spears with himself in the video for her track "Work B*tch"—and you've got to hand it to the man, he's got the moves even if he has got a belly the size of Britney.