April 11th, 2014
Who says men can't multi-task? Here's some guys doing just that, combining the act of getting jiggy with it and domestic chores, it's not impossible to do guys.
April 11th, 2014
There's no cruddy music here, just the simple footage of the fairer gender failing at various things. Must try harder girls or forever live in FAIL.
'Buttsecks'. How to approach this tricky subject, maybe you could send her some roses & champagne with a little note. You certainly don’t want to write it on a billboard or ask your local radio station to pop the question. Or just play her this.
Cracked have decided to add some truth to those Disney fairytales, which means the princess gets to sing and dance her way through a track about daughter-wives, baby corpses, the plague, bear torture & other cheery no-go subjects.
April 9th, 2014
Had your Vine fix for the week yet? If no then this collection full of instant fun, WTF moments and ADHD humor should sort you right out.
This woman came up with a novel way to raise money for a charity—by charging a group of men $100 each to watch her get tasered wearing a bikini.
The simple things are always the best - Not only is it pleasing on the eye but it's pleasing on the funny bone too. Everyone's a winner, apart from the girls
It might not be something you’re willing to admit, but are you or someone you know a basic bitch? For instance, in college did you own a pair of sweat pants that said “sexy” on the butt? If so then you may want to seek professional help right away.
If you're a guitarist, then you might want to look away now because these might dredge up some bad memories or make you nervous when you next play live. Or maybe they'll give you some ideas.
April 7th, 2014
Fun factor: 1 million—a wake boarding facility drags you over a ramp, and your goal is to score points by landing in a skeeball-type hole. Who wouldn't want to play this?
So, you're about to watch a video of cats watching videos of other cats doing stupid things on YouTube—it's pretty meta, think you can handle it?
April 7th, 2014
This guy's friend suggested he get in a cement mixer for the lolz and he went ahead and did it—and thank God he did, because it's grade A buffoonery of the highest level.
April 7th, 2014
It's the simple things in life that make the difference - Just a couple of cute girls dancing around in a bedroom, it is simple and effective and it'll probably make your day about 10% better - I could watch this FOREVER!
George Lucas soaked up and spat out a whole bunch of different influences for the original Star Wars trilogy. In this 15 minute short he talks about where he got the idea for the lightsaber from.
Hugh Jackman performs Wolverine The Musical for a British radio show—and you've never heard 'Who Am I' from Les Miserables sung as epic as this before.
The World's Strongest Man Zydrunas Savickas lifts an incredible 1,155lbs worth of hummer tires in this deadlift world record.
The first 40 seconds of this video appear to be totally awesome with this skier enjoying some fresh powder, but things turn sour as the tracks he was following come to a sudden end.
April 4th, 2014
This is so crazy it gets a 9/10, it would've been a full 10/10 but they kept their clothes on. Total insanity.