March 3rd, 2015
Everyone loves a card trick, and everyone wants to be able to impress their friends with one—well now you can!
February 27th, 2015
Sometimes when it comes to taking a picture, timing is absolutely everything—and these pics that will make you look twice are proof.
February 24th, 2015
Remember that movie 'The Land Before Time'? Well you'll never believe what the cast looks like now. Just get a load of how they've aged. Wow!
February 20th, 2015
If you were having any trouble understanding the complex theory of evolution, this Jurassic Park-inspired chart should give you all the help you need.
February 17th, 2015
And here, in pictorial form, is the perfect distinction between cats and dogs and how they view their masters.
February 13th, 2015
Let this be a warning to you, if clouds with rainbow ropes approach a playground your child's in, don't let them board those damn clouds.
February 10th, 2015
No one likes a doctor with a sense of humor, you just wanted to be told straight up what's wrong—that doesn't mean a doc shouldn't try though.
When Steve woke up on this Monday morning to deliver his hilari-lolz joke, little did he know it would backfire on him to become much funnier than his shitty knock-knock joke could ever hope to be.
February 3rd, 2015
If you have problems with problems and don't know when you have one or not, let this handy flowchart be your guide and you'll never be confused again.
January 30th, 2015
For some inexplicable reason the wifi signal in your home has a mind of its own, and is never good enough where you need it. This image just about sums it up.
January 27th, 2015
In the sport of motorbike racing there's also lots of unofficial games you can play too, here's a selection of some of the best.
January 23rd, 2015
You may think water is just a harmless, clear liquid but it's actually a deadly killer! And these facts are irrefutable evidence of that.
If you ever wondered why there aren't any female astronauts, then this sexist cartoon will show you exactly why.
January 16th, 2015
if you were looking to read the most depressing Winnie the Pooh story ever concocted, then you've come to the right place. Say goodbye to your childhood.
The bible might have a lot of stories in it, but not all of them were included—here's some of the background stuff they left out.
Spider-Man and his boss like to have a joke as much as the next person—and just life in real life, Spidey's boss can sometime be pretty sexist.
Jealousy can be a funny thing, and turn something entirely innocent into a fantasy—with that in mind, this is how boyfriend and girlfriends see your boy or girl buddies.
December 30th, 2014
Not even Batman can solve this riddle proposed to him by none other than the Riddler—but then Batman is obsessed with one particular incident in his life.