September 15th, 2014
Man and beast often don't live well together, but sometimes, just sometimes something magical can happen between them.
September 12th, 2014
Ever wondered where some of your favorite movies were filmed? Well this guy did and he set about tracking them down and holding a pic up from the film to show exactly where it was shot.
September 10th, 2014
Who knew? But it appears that while Koala bears are one of the cutest animals on earth, get them wet and they're nearly as terrifying as Gremlins.
If you always thought there was something sinister about Barney the "Friendly" Dinosaur then this image offers conclusive proof he's evil.
September 5th, 2014
Russian president Putin is such a badass that he won't even tolerate a bear being disrespectful to him. Just look how he reacts here.
September 3rd, 2014
There's a proper way to sit at and look at a computer screen so you don't damage yourself, but as this image shows no one really takes any notice of it.
September 1st, 2014
The dangers of driving and texting isn't just a modern problem, they used to have issues with similar distraction way back when.
People like to stereotype Americans, but they're human beings just like the rest of us—and this image is a stern reminder of that fact.
There's nothing more annoying than a relative asking why you've not had children yet—so next time they do that, point them in the direction of this picture.
August 22nd, 2014
There's a few ways to tell whether someone's your best friend or just a friend, and this is a great checklist to tick off in case you couldn't tell.
August 21st, 2014
Animals work mostly on instinct, so a beaver knows to build a dam just because it feels it, a duck knows to fly south, and a dog knows to, well, they know how to eat and eat and eat.
Newton knew an awful lot about physics, but he also knew how the human heart worked too—and this law is something that exists throughout the universe.
August 15th, 2014
If you're ever feeling body conscious and worried about your weight, then read this comic and let it put to bed any doubts you may've had.
If you have kids this is almost to painful to read, but at least you'll be laughing through the tears—just don't wake the baby.
There's no shortage of stock cute parenting pictures to make you gag, and a classic is the one where three pairs of feet are visible from the end of the bed, dad's, mum's, and junior's — but in reality, this is what would be going on for it to work.
August 5th, 2014
Oh man living in one of the richest nations on earth is sooo traumatic, all those issues you have to deal with like, when you accidentally put a teabag in the sink and the spoon in the bin. Or when your iPhone won't hold its charge. Boohoo.
August 1st, 2014
Don't stand out from your peers because you can't afford to vacation and they're all off to exotic climes—just use this handy lifehack and no one will ever know.
July 29th, 2014
When a loved pet dies, parents usually respond by saying it's all part of God's plan—God's elaborate, complex and baffling plan.