As this driver swerves to avoid an oncoming vehicle he gets a surprise—as do the couple who get rudely interrupted while in the middle of some coitus.
A standup comic decides to propose to his girlfriend on stage in front of his soon to be audience—and it doesn't go well.
Forget about your Nerf wars because they're nothing compared to the epicness of this, which is better than most action movies.
September 15th, 2014
Man and beast often don't live well together, but sometimes, just sometimes something magical can happen between them.
September 15th, 2014
Just like the story of Snow White girls can't help looking at their reflection. Now they usually have a camera handy and upload to Facebook to get their friends to decide.
September 12th, 2014
This is sure to ruffle a few feathers. After watching for a few seconds you’ll realise he’s not really into people owning and possessing guns, in fact he thinks it’s a pretty stupid idea and he hates the gun nuts.
In Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord loves his mixtape, because it was given to him by his deceased mom—but there was one little problem with it being a cassette and this awesome Lego animation shows what that is.
Jeff Bridges stoner hero The Dude is back as a badass staff-wielding wizard in this epic mashup of The Big Lebowski with the Seventh Son trailer.
Girl gets a gift of Steam Engine plus loads of games and breaks down crying in this touching and hilarious video. All hail the Gaben.
September 12th, 2014
Ever wondered where some of your favorite movies were filmed? Well this guy did and he set about tracking them down and holding a pic up from the film to show exactly where it was shot.
September 12th, 2014
Some of these won't apply but I guarantee that at least one or two will become part of your everyday life and will make you day run a lot smoother. Personally the spam filter one has been a life saver. Thank you, Life Hacks!
VICE takes a look at the rise of bestiality in Europe and speaks with the people who practice it, including Oliver Burdinski the voice of ZETA, a fringe zoophile group who stick up for people’s rights to have sex with animals.
Behold the acrobatic prowess of the Lords of Gravity, as they slam dunk some baskets after flying through the air like Spider-Man.
Prepare to bust some funky moves to this soulful cover of The Beatles' track "Blackbird" which will totally charm you with its laidback vibe.
The sheer horror of a world without wifi—even for a few minutes—is imagined in this terrifying short sketch that will send shivers down your spine.
September 10th, 2014
Who knew? But it appears that while Koala bears are one of the cutest animals on earth, get them wet and they're nearly as terrifying as Gremlins.
September 10th, 2014
Do you ever have one of those moments in life when things don't go quite to plan and out of nowhere a fairly safe and ordinary situation turns bad very quickly, leaving you in a world if FAIL?
How would men cope with the stomach cramps, hot flushes and PMT that women experience once every month? Well if this sketch by British comedians Offkey World is anything to go by they wouldn’t handle it at all well.