March 24th, 2014
It might seem like a simple retro style platformer but this one is different. From Terry Cavanagh, the creator of Don't Look Back, It trims away the tedium and repetion found in most plaformers leaving only juicy gaming bliss.
No one can doubt that John McClane is tough, taking down terrorists is practically his day job, but he should be grateful the laws of science don’t apply to Hollywood, otherwise the movies would need to be set inside a hospital.
The rules changed and the F1 engines went from sounding like spaceships battling with lasers to sounding like a kid's go kart. Fail.
March 21st, 2014
This blonde pole dancer wins the award for best twerker ever, hands down, Miley Cyrus is an amateur compared to this next level pro.
This is Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, a French professional paragliding pilot whose stunts are so epic and mind-blowing that you'll get an adrenaline rush just from watching this video.
This girl wants to get one back on her boyfriend, so she takes some firecrackers into the bathroom & give him a scare. Only thing is the trick backfires & totally trashes the bathroom & injures her boyfriend. Fail. She's not even blonde!?
Winter is coming, still—it doesn't matter that we've already had a winter with crazy snow and rain, another's coming and it doesn't care if you were looking forward to wearing shorts.
If you think about it, girls spend a lot of time being intimate in each other's company, telling secrets, trying on clothes, checking out their bods. It's no wonder that sometimes they go a little bit further. There really IS a god!
March 19th, 2014
Director Sean Dunne turns his curious eye to the world of cam girls or “women who do internet sex work via web cam - where virtual encounters take place in the respective bedrooms of clients and the models.
This diver gets closer to a Caribbean Reef Shark than he probably wanted to, as it seemingly comes out of nowhere while he's Lion Fish Culling—and he captured it all on his GoPro.
Mathias Wyss and Ludovic Woerth take a dangerously close wingsuit proximity flight above skiers and snowboarders, even nearly hitting them at one point.
Nature, you damn scary! This video shows how incredibly powerful avalanches are, snapping trees like tiny twigs and generally being incredibly ferocious.
You should never listen to your supposed "friends" when it comes to the people (or sea creatures) you want to date.
March 19th, 2014
The wonderful thing about Facebook is the ability to troll and comment on your friend's intimate dirty laundry, so not only do your buddies find out, but all those people you've not spoken to since High School too.
This whole video featuring the dumb comments from Domino’s Pizza Australia Facebook page is just one facepalm after another— just how stupid these people are with their inconsequential #FirstWorldProblems.
March 17th, 2014
The will to survive coupled with stupidity sometimes leads to what is called a high speed police chase. And this one could come right out of a video game.
If you ever wondered what sound tortoises make when they're getting it on, then this video will surprise you—and just wait for the ending, it's absolutely pricelss.
The snark masters over at Screen Junkies spoof another film in a pitch-perfect video with lines like "it's the only film about starving children with its own delicious sandwich tie-in.”