Elder Scrolls is so addictive, players have been known to not eat, sleep, drink, even have friends—but once they do emerge from the game, the real world seems boring by comparison.
When it comes to beer, wasting it is usually considered not OK-- however there are exceptions to every rule and this is the exception to the beer-spilling rule, so please, spill away.
May 12th, 2014
There are a lot of Wikipedia entries and they're all full of text you don't read, so here's a much more condensed version because time is money—and you've got cat videos to watch.
You may've thought your hair was pretty crap when you were younger, but it probably wasn't anywhere near as tragic as the ones on display here.
May 12th, 2014
It's time to remember as the summertime rapidly approaches the dangers of absorbing too much of those lovely rays. It hurts just looking at these scorched sunburnt bodies, what the hell's wrong with them?
So while they may not be down with the Eightfold Path and the Four Truths they can breakdance, and breakdance they did, to celebrate the life of Beastie Boy in the sky, Adam Yauch.
Fixed gear rider Josh Boothby rides into an alternate dimension, where his fixed gear skills are put to the test on a highly technical bike course.
The trouble with "Louie" being such an amazing show is that it's easy to forget the many dick jokes that have been worked into it, so here's a handy compilation of them all to remind you.
NBC host Brian Williams is one of the greatest rappers to have ever hosted a TV news show—it's just unfortunate he does it unintentionally.
FROM DOWN TOWN!!! HE'S ON FIRE!!! BOOMSHAKALAKA!!! This is the sort of shot you make only once in your life.
These cheesy quotes are about as welcome as a poke in the eye with a stick covered in crap, but with a little bit of tweaking they become something much more entertaining.
May 8th, 2014
I always thought the phrase 'cute emo' was an oxymoron, surely those two words cannot be used to describe the stereotype imagery we all have stored in our cynical minds. Seems that emos' can be cute after all.
Fail compilations are already pretty hilarious if you’re in the mood for some schadenfreude, but this adds something extra awesome into the mix, with some good old fashioned failing combined with some good old fashioned Jim Ross commentary.
After a few beers and shots of tequila, everyone likes to indulge in some guilty pleasure food to soak up the alcohol—and one person's kebab is another person's poutine.
With the right amount of editing, this awesome comedy can be turned into something much darker: an epic, Oscar-worthy drama about a stalker with a sheepdog car.
Spidey is gonna be back on our screens soon, so here's a look back at the original trilogy—the web crawling, the romance, the wit, and the terrible, terrible third movie.
Ah drunk people, so amusing to watch until they recount how they've lost all their friends and their boyfriend/girlfriend hates them and they need to pee real bad.
These two ficitonal characters have got a good point when it comes to a certain area of the female anatomy and its use (or under-use) in gaming.