Watch the Bruce Lee of bartending work his magic and then applaud the mad skills of Po Hseng Hsu, even if there would be long lines at the bar if he was serving.
This is an epic few minutes of beautifully shot classic and modern aircraft that will have you applauding the director behind the work who lays a good claim for having the best showreel ever.
Your second favorite beat 'em up that taught you all you needed to know about smashing peoples bones in gets the Honest Trailer treatment.
If you stop and think about our addictions to social media, it's hard to deny the truths that are said in this comic—quick, post it to Facebook and get some likes!
June 18th, 2014
If you are not a fan of Spongebob then the title will have no relevance whatsoever to you and you can just enjoy the wonder of nature's beautiful creations (in bikinis). But always remember kids, Spongebob ROCKS!
Look no further than this handy video which demonstrates how you too, can produce killer tunes that will have the opposite sex throwing themselves at your feet and your peers respecting you like a god.
Are you a math nerd? Do you have trouble meeting new people and finding a partner you can spend the rest of your life with? Then stop being a math nerd.
Too busy watching cat videos to see what's happened on Vine? Then do not worry, this video's got your back with all the latest action.
Or at least, it looks like a guy jumps in the harbour and then has to fend off a shark, but chances are the shark is made of pixels rather than flesh and blood.
June 16th, 2014
Just because your relationship's over and everything seems lost, it doesn't have to be, because you can still win the breakup with a little help from social media.
June 16th, 2014
This is such a touching moment between a father and his son you'll find yourself welling up with emotion at the encounter.
It's a wonder of nature (or fluke) when it comes to taking a photograph of a fast moving event, one micro-second too early or too late and you will have missed the crucial moment where it all comes together. Life's awesome.
A colorful collection of wasted women who still manage to look cute with their heads stuck down the toilet bowl & vomit coming out of their mouths! It's amazing there was still someone left standing to capture this with a camera!
Don’t listen to all those other informercials who say they can make you lose a kerzillion pounds by attaching some contraption to your abdomen and plugging it in—because it’s all lies, lies, and more lies.
This isn't actually an old man, but freestyle champ Sean Garnier in disguise, who takes part in a street soccer game and pwns the heck out of the other players.
Ever wondered what your pets might say if they could talk? Here's a guinea pig being interviewed about it's life, and it's got plenty to say.
Experience the record-breaking lap time of 132.298mph at the Isle of Man TT, as seen through the helmet cam of rider Bruce Anstey.
June 13th, 2014
Mr. Miyagi would not approve of kicking a woman in the face, even if it is a drunken accident--what she was doing jumping across when he was about to get all ninja, anyway?