These two ficitonal characters have got a good point when it comes to a certain area of the female anatomy and its use (or under-use) in gaming.
This is an amazing collection of moments that cover the whole spectrum of human emotion, from joy to despair, innocence to curiosity—it's all here.
May 6th, 2014
Oh for those bygone days when everything was simple and internet was young. If you were a kid in the 80's or 90's, prepare to experience some extreme nostalgia. You might not know all of them, but you're bound to know at least one.
You've probably played a text adventure game before, but not one like this. This is the world's only self aware text adventure game. It knows what it is, it knows what you are. Also it hates you and everything about you. Enjoy!
When it comes to lip syncing, it all comes down to your fresh moves and those facial expressions. It’s something Jimmy Fallon learned pretty fast and pretty hard when he invited Emma Stone to a lip sync showdown on his show.
Wizards and Jedis duke it out in a battle to the end—can a magic wand take on the might of a lightsaber and win? No.
It sees its chance and then this portable toilet is off, fleeing for freedom from the, ahem, shitty life it once had.
The upcoming next-gen racing game takes on the real world for one lap in a BMW round Laguna Seca race track. Which one do you think will win?
Not sure this is intended or an accident, but either way after this failed flip this guy won't be getting up any time soon.
May 2nd, 2014
Bet Kirsten Dunst is glad she was in an entirely different Spider-Man movie to Emma Stone, otherwise things could've got quite heated.
It's always a good idea to get behind something that takes your interest, something that you can put all of your efforts into & enjoy the fruits of your labours. Personally i make sure that i always have multiple causes to get behind.
Brushing your teeth, it’s a routine morning and evening task that’s about as exciting as watching someone else brush their teeth. But this Japanese teen, known as tokioFN added some excitement to this boring necessity.
This clever guy uses Vine as a loop station to create a version of Pharrell's Happy using 6 seconds repeated again and again until you have a smile on your face.
if you're a girl or guy and you wondered how the other half drinks when you're not around, then this video pretty much nails it. 1 man with 18 beers vs 1 woman with a bottle of wine.
April 30th, 2014
This isn't so much stripping as Olympian level gymnastics taking place in a bar—she deserves her own gold medal.
You can get away with a lot of things if you wait for the right moment to do it, and that's generally not when you're 30,000ft in the air in a sealed container.
April 30th, 2014
It was a great party at the weekend (shame you don't remember it), wine, women & song flowed like it'd never end. Now there is the small problem about making it home, which sudddenly seems a looong way away, if you can still remember where it is?
“LETS GET R-R-R-R-EADY TO RUMBLE!!!” – If a night out at the club involves this many crushed pelvises, then you might want to reconsider what you do in your downtime. This dancing could damage your physical health.