Set to the song "Camera Eyes" by VHS Head, this supercut is a tribute to all the badasses and hardasses of cinema, from monsters to machine to men and women, raise a gun-shaped hand to their awesomeness.
This insane daredevil risks his life by climbing an industrial chimney and balancing on a beam above a sheer drop - without any safety equipment.
Corridor Digital's latest video sees remote control cars and drones fight off battery bandits to save the life of their teddy bear friend.
December 5th, 2014
Either this is the most insensitive and single-minded cam girl in the world, or it's just an algorithm. Either way, sorry your dog died dude.
December 5th, 2014
It might seem like yesterday to you but if in reality it was SO last century, can you remember all those daily things that you couldn't bear to be without (before the internet came around?). Time to get nostalgic.
December 2nd, 2014
Two giants from sci-fi and the comic world come face-to-face, mano-a-mano as Bruce Wayne takes a trip to the Death Star to help his on/off buddy Superman, only to be greeted by the Dark Lord of that galaxy far, far away—and an epic battle ensues.
Could the world of dating be improved if it was sponsored by corporations? Or put it this way, could it get any worse?
December 2nd, 2014
The routine of this DJ is legendary and it doesn't get more epic and enthusiastic than his throwing off his hoodie to lay down some moves before busting out some music. #legend
You might have thought it wasn't possible, but South Park have somehow managed it, they've made the character of Randy Marsh even more bizarre and disturbing.
December 2nd, 2014
All TV shows follow a formula, but sometimes they're so dull it's really hard to work out exactly what that is, so this handy chart should help you figure it out.
These cosplayers are mos def doing it right, from sexy femme costumes to just plain badass outfits that look just like the characters they're based on. These people are full of win.
So what would happen if three grandmas who’d never smoked weed before in their lives took a hit from the bong? Well, 3 from Washington get high and giggle and eat chips and generally look like they’re having a great time.
"Iron Man" is one man's dramatic journey from functioning alcoholic to functioning alcoholic in a death machine. And this is the abridged version of that story.
A guy gets thrown through the windscreen of his vehicle in this dragster race, but some how manages to walk away totally unscathed like a total boss.
November 25th, 2014
A father lets his daughter give him so punches to the face while wearing boxing gloves, but little does he know that those little fists pack a big punch.
November 25th, 2014
It's probably not often you feel sorry for a cat, because they're usually acting all high and mighty, but not this cat. This cat has been cast aside—and it's tragic to see.
If you’re a gamer of a certain age you’ll have fond memories of Street Fighter II, and you probably think it’s one of the greatest beat ‘em ups—or greatest game even—ever. It couldn’t possibly be improved you no doubt think, but it can. Oh y
Footage of an F1 pit stop in the 1950s gets compared to the modern day equivalent to show the large difference in speed and technical expertise.