February 17th, 2015
A neat dogfighting game that lets you cut you plane's engines totally mid-flight for some cool acrobatics and some insane manouvers. Last for as long as you can.
February 13th, 2015
What could be more erotic that Steve Buscemi? Not a great deal and the person who made this trailer mashup of 50 Shades of Grey mixed with clips of Buscemi knows that only too well.
YouTuber “Baracksdubs” edited together the president’s speeches so it sounds like he is singing Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. And, in case you were wondering, Obama totally kills it.
February 13th, 2015
A long time ago, George Lucas created a story about a ten-year-old boy and his family. Filming them for the next 12 years, they made intergalactic history.
Comedian Razmig mocks modern-day gym-goers in this funny gym commercial parody, introducing the first state-of-the-art fitness facility designed with the millennial in mind. Come for the workout, stay for the WiFi.
February 13th, 2015
Let this be a warning to you, if clouds with rainbow ropes approach a playground your child's in, don't let them board those damn clouds.
February 13th, 2015
Digital art has progressed to such a point now that it almost has become an art-form on par with the great comic books of old. The arrival of the darker sider of culture, anime and urban chaos makes this a thing of beauty. Enjoy.
Neil Young plus Neil Young can only equal something awesome—and that’s what happens in this clip from ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ Then, halfway into it, the real Neil Young comes on stage.
February 10th, 2015
People write very nasty things on Twitter about celebrities, and Jimmy Kimmel gets those celebrities to read those tweets–the result is comedy gold.
According to comedian Adam Conover, you’re circumcised because “the Nineteenth Century prude who invented Corn Flakes was trying to ruin your sex life.”
So how much do you actually think you know about the 1999 movie? Head down the rabbit hole with CineFix and find out.
February 10th, 2015
No one likes a doctor with a sense of humor, you just wanted to be told straight up what's wrong—that doesn't mean a doc shouldn't try though.
The pictures might be blurred, grainy, underlit and not at the best angles, but lets be honest here, we LOVE them all! The satisfaction of seeing a female as she sees herself is something that cannot be missed!
You’re about to say hello to Randall Higgins, the KillCameraman, so if you ever wondered who’s on the other side of the KillCam when you’re replaying the gruesome deaths you’ve served to someone in Call of Duty.
Two awesome beatboxers decide to do battle inside a closet—as you do—and the results are equally brilliant and hilarious.
This guy is totally hilarious, but some of these people no doubt wanted to beat the crap out of him so he's lucky he got away with his face intact.
February 6th, 2015
I bet you wanna touch it, you DO, don't you. Trouble is it will try to eat you if you are dumb enough to offer it your hand! Still wanna pet it?
When Steve woke up on this Monday morning to deliver his hilari-lolz joke, little did he know it would backfire on him to become much funnier than his shitty knock-knock joke could ever hope to be.