Brushing your teeth, it’s a routine morning and evening task that’s about as exciting as watching someone else brush their teeth. But this Japanese teen, known as tokioFN added some excitement to this boring necessity.
This clever guy uses Vine as a loop station to create a version of Pharrell's Happy using 6 seconds repeated again and again until you have a smile on your face.
if you're a girl or guy and you wondered how the other half drinks when you're not around, then this video pretty much nails it. 1 man with 18 beers vs 1 woman with a bottle of wine.
April 30th, 2014
This isn't so much stripping as Olympian level gymnastics taking place in a bar—she deserves her own gold medal.
You can get away with a lot of things if you wait for the right moment to do it, and that's generally not when you're 30,000ft in the air in a sealed container.
April 30th, 2014
It was a great party at the weekend (shame you don't remember it), wine, women & song flowed like it'd never end. Now there is the small problem about making it home, which sudddenly seems a looong way away, if you can still remember where it is?
“LETS GET R-R-R-R-EADY TO RUMBLE!!!” – If a night out at the club involves this many crushed pelvises, then you might want to reconsider what you do in your downtime. This dancing could damage your physical health.
David Kalb shoots some of the craziest baskets ever seen, in this clip he bounces two balls while driving a car and then proceeds to shoot them in hoops. The f*cking showoff.
Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki specialises in giant ollies that most other skaters wouldn't dare trying—in other words, he jumps with his board from absurdly high places. Pity his poor knees.
Featuring the incredible voices of Bane, Fat Albert and, of course, the one we've all been waiting for, the Golden Girl Betty White! DLC at its very, very best.
April 28th, 2014
It's seriously scary how this transformation takes place, a guy who looks all manly and beefy suddenly starts to look more & more like a woman--pray you never meet him drunk in a bar.
Internet Explorer's new mascot is like a cool anime character—she's cute, she totally kicks ass and her weapon of choice strikes fears into even the toughest individuals.
If you thought dating was bad in the city where you live, then just be grateful you don't have to choose between these, erm, eccentric people.
April 28th, 2014
We all have a soft spot for beautiful wildlife observations and this is no exception - Photographs this awesome are few and far between, so thank god that these were taken by people who didn't just dump the pic into Instagram and vintage it up.
April 25th, 2014
Chalk Warfare is by special effects channel SoKrispyMedia and shows epic, running gun battles unfolding where the fighters use chalk to draw and create their weapons to pound their enemy with.
"Any job you can do in your pajamas is not a difficultness job." Comedian Bill Burr, he speaks the truth. For children aged 8 working on a toxic landfill somewhere in Asia, they'd give an arm for a job as housewife in a Western country.
Seb Toots is a man who knows how to snowboard, and here he is busting some busta moves around the streets of Montreal, like a f*cking boss.
It's not easy being a tall girl, getting maxi dresses to fit, your boyfriend standing on a step to kiss you, the scarcity of oxygen.