With Tim Burton at the helm, this Alice in Wonderland reboot had everything going for it—then it was released and it turned out to be a pile of stinking, over-acted poop.
Daredevil, or madmen, Andy Lewis slacklines bewtween two hot air balloons that sit 4000 ft in the air and not a safety line in sight.
In Jimmy Kimmel Live's latest Lie Witness News, they take to the streets to ask really stupid people about how they feel about Godzilla being based on a true story.
This is no doubt the one and only time you'll enjoy watching American Idol, as a completely lame show is turned into a work of sheer brilliance.
Women perform household chores in their smalls, but it's not what you think — it's so science can ascertain the correct postures and develop relevant equipment. Honest!
June 2nd, 2014
It's so sweet to see these two animals together as friends, in life and also in their delicious, delicious afterlife. Nom
Photographer Andy Lee uses an interesting technique to capture stunning photos of the Icelandic landscape in a painterly fashion—he uses a lens that picks up infrared light.
June 2nd, 2014
When you think about it all the best things in life don't have to be wrapped with fancy ribbons & trimmings, you just appreciate and want to get your hands on whats underneath - The same goes for cute girls.
Being a total a-hole to your parents is pretty much a teenager’s prerogative, because we all know parents totally suck, yeah. But just as he gets to the part where he flips off his mom, it suddenly takes a turn for the worse.
May 30th, 2014
In a truly scientific video, a guy finds out what can go wrong when it comes to the art of fusion—definitely don't try this at home, kids.
Elderly, adolescents, fathers, teachers—what these people all have in common is they have quite a temper and they're not afraid of losing it in public.
This guy is totally hilarious, but some of these people no doubt wanted to beat the crap out of him so he's lucky he got away with his face intact.
Here is it, the most entertaining, painful and embarrassing martial art mishaps in one video—Bruce Lee, feel free to do a few turns in your grave.
May 30th, 2014
If you're in two minds whether to send someone intimate pictures of your genitalia, then maybe check out this flow chart before you do something you regret.
May 30th, 2014
Being a good parent isn't always something that comes naturally (or at all?). Sometimes you get it right and other times you take sexy pics of yourself with a puzzled toddler waddling around in the background.
What with lethal injections not being all that lethal, the state of Ohio has now got to consider other ways to kill off the alleged criminals who are on death row. The Onion have come up with their own solution.
Let's all take a moment of silence for our fallen brothers in the friend zone. In particular for this guy, who has reached a new record low.
On a wet and windy road in Romania, this driver sends his Toyota Supra on a mad, spinning journey—and he's lucky he doesn't fly off the road.