If you're going to cosplay Navi from the Zelda series, then you have to get the annoying thing down right—and this girl does it perfectly.
August 8th, 2014
What people do in the privacy of their own kitchens is up to them, unless someone records it on their camera, then you're in trouble.
So, here's a little food for thought, what if the female population all behaved like guys do when they hit the town? Would the world be a better place, or would the guys get all offended and hurt and feel all sorry for themselves and stuff?
There's no shortage of stock cute parenting pictures to make you gag, and a classic is the one where three pairs of feet are visible from the end of the bed, dad's, mum's, and junior's — but in reality, this is what would be going on for it to work.
Papbeasts! A fleshy select of them camera-friendly sexpots who live in magazines and on Twitter: Aubrey O'Day, Adrianne Curry, Gemma Atkinson, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, Tulisa and more.
August 8th, 2014
Another week rolls round and you start to make promises that deep down you have no intention of keeping. 'I will never drink again'. Of course you will, you liar, you just need to wash the ink off your face and lay low for a couple.
Australian model and DJ Ruby Rose’s short film “Break Free” explores gender roles and what it’s like for people who don’t conform to typical identities that fit neatly into male or female. In the video she transforms from a blonde into a man.
August 5th, 2014
It's an all too familiar tale, dad tries to show off, ends up injuring his kid and mum has to come and comfort a crying child—LOL
Busted! It's bad enough getting caught, but getting caught and filmed for the internet to laugh at you is beyond fail.
You can look at this video one of two ways: as incredibly inspiring or as yet another person showing you what a slacking underachieving, degenerate bum you are.
Motorcycle races are f'ing spectacular. And thanks to a gyroscope camera on board with racers during the Macau GP, you get a good idea of how hard, and how awesome, racing a bike is.
August 5th, 2014
Oh man living in one of the richest nations on earth is sooo traumatic, all those issues you have to deal with like, when you accidentally put a teabag in the sink and the spoon in the bin. Or when your iPhone won't hold its charge. Boohoo.
Sometimes you don't really need a unifying theme to create some synergy for something amazing, just photos that are noteworthy thanks to the fact that they're awesome. Some are funny, some unbelievable and every single one is incredible.
How is it that your damn phone always decides to go into troll mode whenever you are either texting parents, loved-ones or in the worst case, the wrong person. These are some serious casualties of the iPhone auto-correct nemesis.
August 5th, 2014
Another in a long line of defence games, but let's face it; they're great. This one is no exception. Battle against marauding aliens and defend your planetary base of operations! Go fight & make me proud soldier!
If you’ve seen the Hunger Games and Divergent, chances are you had to double take when watching the latter, but that’s Hollywood for you, they love nothing more than to play it safe, so if a formula works don’t go changing it too much.
Most of us struggle to play just one guitar, but Jason Kertson doesn't just play one like a total pro, he plays two simultaneously.
A bunch of pro skaters go skateboarding with a bunch of cheap boards they bought at Walmart—and guess what: they're really, really crap.