January 21st, 2013
Probably the most annoying zeitgeist of recent times is the pouty duckface pose common to Facebook and other social networking sites. Here's hoping it doesn't linger too much longer. Please god, make it stop.....SOON!
January 15th, 2013
If you live in the first world you're probably toiling under a constant barrage of earth shattering problems that only other people who live in the first world can empathise with, like these. Here's to you, you poor unfortunate souls.
January 14th, 2013
The day you fear the most is back to bite you in the ass and spoil that happy routine you get into at the weekend. Time to face the week and man-up, brush off the sleep, kill the hangover with caffine and immerse yourself with these lolz.
January 11th, 2013
Spring's coming (honest), but sometimes it can be hard on these cold, dark winter days to try and remember what sunshine, sea and seriously cute girls in bikinis ever felt or looked like - Here is some inviting imagery to raise the temperature!
January 7th, 2013
So 2012 is a now just a vague fading memory, the New Year's hangover is almost forgotten (almost) and if you're one of the lucky ones this is your first day back at work. If so, it's time to slack off with a Monday Morning Pic Dump.
January 4th, 2013
Whenever you hear someone shout 'FULL MOON ALERT!', whatever you do, don't run in the other direction, you'll miss all the fun - Unless of course it's the sight of a great big hairy man butt staring you in the face, in which case flee...
January 3rd, 2013
If you are a fan of the best Zombie soap opera to ever grace our TV screens then i reckon you might find some of these 'dead' funny (see what i dead there!?) - It's a dangerous world when the real threat to humankind is a woman.
December 31st, 2012
So another Christmas done and dusted. If you're anything like me you're still finishing off the last of the turkey and wondering how it lasted so long. Anyway, time for the absolute last Monday Morning Dump of the year! Enjoy!
December 28th, 2012
Sometimes you don't really need a unifying theme to create some synergy for something amazing, just photos that are noteworthy thanks to the fact that they're awesome. Some are funny, some unbelievable and every single one is incredible.
December 24th, 2012
So, the world didn't end despite Gangnam Style getting over 1bn views on Youtube. I thought if anything would kickstart the apocalypse it would be that nonsense. Anyway, here are some pics to celebrate! WOO YAY!
December 24th, 2012
Trust good old Mother Nature to come up with millions of years of evolution to produce some of the most beautiful natural monuments the planet has ever seen - I would gladly plant a flag on ALL of them. I would. Really.
December 21st, 2012
We all have a soft spot for beautiful wildlife observations and this is no exception - Photographs this awesome are few and far between, so thank god that these were taken by people who didn't just dump the pic into Instagram and vintage it up.
December 21st, 2012
When you think about it all the best things in life don't have to be wrapped with fancy ribbons & trimmings, you just appreciate and want to get your hands on whats underneath - The same goes for cute girls.
December 20th, 2012
The only son of our Lord God Almighty might seem like a pretty cool guy in the bible, but that is relative to some very old stories that are just positive PR for the church. In reality he's a total dick. Also a massive troll. Here's the proof.
December 18th, 2012
Digital art has progressed to such a point now that it almost has become an art-form on par with the great comic books of old. The arrival of the darker sider of culture, anime and urban chaos makes this a thing of beauty. Enjoy.
December 17th, 2012
Christmas is rapidly approaching which can mean only one thing. Office parties. If you're a fan of free drink, office indiscretions and waking up with a raging hangover, you're in luck. Also, if you like galleries you're in luck as well!
December 17th, 2012
What the hell would we do at Christmas if chicks weren't invented, can you imagine? Without assets of mass distraction man would probably have lots of free time to invent clean energy or annihilate each other, just for kicks. Makes you wonder.
December 14th, 2012
A collective of normal, everyday situations that at first glance seem pretty standard, however on closer inspection things are not as they seem. In fact, the closer you look the more 'WTF?' it all becomes and what is seen can never be unseen.