With the UK government & press issuing photofits of the culprits, celebs hide in fear. Not content with fame & fortume these celebrities have taken to the streets to steal sneakers, cell phones & set fire to cop cars.
So with the London looters safely back in their homes and normality restored it's time to look back and try to laugh. With all that free shopping they did it's time to do some 'shopping' of our own :)
August 10th, 2011
Prepare to have your braincell baffled as it tries to process well known brand logos displaying a rivals name. I guarantee that some of these will leave you thinking that nothing has changed. Such is the power of the brand.
It's your final year at highschool and you really want to make an impression. Witness students who've gone that extra mile to make their senior photos REALLY stand out. The generation of tommorow looks freaky!
It was called Haboob and it descended on the desert city of Phoenix, Arizonia like a plague from the heavens, dropping visibilities to near zero and coating surfaces with a gritty later of dust and sand. Hell is coming people.
July 12th, 2011
It's nice to have a different view of the one we are usually used to, movie icons retouched to infinity & beyond being cool on the big screen. Well instead of looking up to them we can now gaze down as they lay drunk in the gutter - Cheers!
The world's best music festival has recently come & gone and true to form it was an amazing event. Set in the heart of the English countryside, no event here is worthy unless it rains and there's lots and LOTS of mud. Epic.
June 30th, 2011
Here's something interesting to put in your house, a Tessla coil, just one tiny little mistake & it's crispy human time. Still, it does look kinda awesome so maybe it's worth taking a risk over? I would!
Whatever you do, don't start trying to figure out what you are looking at and how it can be done. before you know it you will be pulled into a recursive nightmare of trying to figure out was is real and what is not of this reality.
June 14th, 2011
It's the ultimate partnership in the galaxy...far far away. A combination of the wise (but dirty-minded) Yoda from Star Wars and the unbridled humor of Tumblr. The force is strong with this one - "Said that she did!"
A collection of blasphemous body art that would make poor baby Jesus cry out in pain "Forgive them father, for they know not what they do!" - A true case of 'The devil makes work for idle hands...arms, legs & other body bits!"
June 8th, 2011
Here is a superb solution when it comes down to trying to remember 'what' dead President belongs with 'what' bill denomination - Stick a celebrity on the note and you will be able to recite them with no trouble.
They might rock your world when they appear on the covers of magazines, or strut down the catwalk, but what about when they warpaint comes off, eh? Would it be like owning a Ferrari that looks like a Ford Focus?
May 24th, 2011
Well, strangely enough we all do! While we spend less & less time watching TV and more & more time on the interwebs, we are inadvertently missing out on some classic LOLZ in the form of news titles taken out of context.
At last, the cure to spending all day in the office, trying to look as if you are working is at hand, this little 'how-to' gem will transport you from your humble office desk to the far reaches of the galaxy. 'Let go Luke!'
May 18th, 2011
Cowboy builders & bodge-job-artists the world over stand united and protest against the nanny-state health & safety regulations they're forced to endure. Here are some of their anti-safety campaign banners. OMG
May 13th, 2011
It's surprising the human race is alive and relatively well, if not mentally stable, after looking at some of these pics. The sins of the father and of the mother too. No doubt these kid'll grow up to be well-rounded, fully developed deviants
Lets face it, when you are a celeb you can pretty much get away with anything, even murder (OJ anyone?), it's only when you look at the paparazzi photos you really see what they have been getting up to!