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Son Of A Bitch Supercut
May 16th, 2012
A supercut of so many utterances of the phrase that by the end of it all four words will have completely lost all meaning and will sound completely alien to you. Another supercut mission accomplished!
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Negative: I have 2 concerns about this kit: 1) The arroemd case is far from durable. It is made of cheap brittle plastic. I can imaging it cold outside and cracking/breaking when you throw it in your truck bed. If this was made of tougher rubberized pl
Glad you could relate. If you write her off coelpetmly for her looks you miss the not-so-closeted feminist she is. It's a really interesting dynamic that doesn't fit well with reality TV, and as a result her screen time is limited. Good thing for remix. h
My favorite part of that whole super cut was when they had to qilukcy rewrite the end of Spider Man so that he doesn't capture the Green Goblin in a giant web that he spun between the twin towers. God that would have been f*ckign awful.
Have you been in New York lately? It's not a big hole anomyre. The spot of the original towers has been turned into the pools for the memorial, and the new one world trade center building is over sixty stories built, at least.