Red Haired Heaven
December 2nd, 2013
Eric Cartman might not be a fan of the Titian look but if you're not dreaming of daywalkers by the end of this gallery then I'll eat my hat. And dye my hair red.
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Are these stupid, dumb-ass comments Amuuurrrrican "humour"? This is a gallery of hot red-heads, and all you can comment about is Wolverine? Fuckwits, the lot of ya!
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Mom K - Hi Kids: I love these photo's. I especially like your knee socks, Nikki. And I love that my boy wore one of his fav hats. He alyaws looked good in hats. So many good ones that it's hard to pick a favourite! Love ya. Mom
Debbie - Eric and MeganThank you so much for sharing the link. You had a woenrdful day at the Zoo. My favorite is the triple collage of the two of you sitting on the bench.Congratulations, we are both looking forward to sharing in your future.Debbie and B
- My oh My how the time flies. Jaclyn it has been great seeing you grow up. (Oh the sertios I have). Seeing all your achievements that you have gotten at school is amazing (definitely didn't get that from your mom, Tige or I) . Watching you step up to t
LOL i love Darren's gay slap at Mikebut Mike, let him speak!We need some positives of x-men you know that 5 page rveiew of hate almost killed me :] lol
I ralely, ralely like super-lanky myself but it's a real effort putting my mind into that focus. That being said I quite like this style too it's all a weird exploration stage. Reply
Wait a minute. It's polbsise to tell bed-headed, groggy, unshaven Logan from regular Logan? I like the May 30 Logan better. Super-Lanky-Style Logan.@Jeff: when I was in the US Coast Guard and we had to pull the 0400 0800 watch, we'd occasionally just ea
Chapter 1:Weapon X Facility Action Figures: 1Classic Wolverine Get the power cell from the room near the shield coorntls. Use it to unlock the office past the auto-turret and find the Classic Wolverine action figureChapter 2:AfricaClassic Wolverine
Sometimes I want to identify with the shear grit and denremitation that Wolverine shows in all he does. Also to stand there; barrel chested with a cigar clenched in my teeth. Yeah and the blades.just not the yellow spandex
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My only beef with the Wolverine of the movies vs. the comic, was that in the comic, Wolverine can atlaucly fight in more ways than simply swinging thwe claws. I haven't seen the new one, but plan to. They've been doing pretty well with the Marvel Superher
I'ts already hanpenipg: yesterday, I saw a 'Tyra' show about girls getting mad because their boyfriends would rather spend time with their 'buds' than with them. The girls also start to act annoyed, like she was his mother(these poor young girls even act