More Photo Terrorists
January 10th, 2017
No photo is safe, they've gone too far, targetting innocent civilian photos. These are not just photobombers they are professionals, ruining photo's at will. OH THE HUMANITY. Sign me up to the war on photobombers.
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rotfl da noi si chiama il molttia (donne! e8 arrivato il molttia! ripara martelli si affilano coltelli forbici etc ) voglio anche io l'mp3!
I wanted to spend a miunte to thank you for this.
Was ttolaly stuck until I read this, now back up and running.
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*chortle*I have never read such a deconstruction of Orwell's chaacrter (not that I ever read the book or saw the movie). Midlife crisis, indeed.*chortles some more*
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have you read gerrie lim's in lust we trust? it's a suipnrsirgly good book abt the porn industry sans the ick factor.
I've worked exenistvely with upcoming writers at a number of major publish houses and I can tell you allt he advice you give here is rock solid. Successful writing is 10% talent, 90% good habits and I am being generous in my allowance of talent there
I'm not wothry to be in the same forum. ROTFL
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