Monday Morning Dump
October 8th, 2012
So, My Childhood is ruined. I thought Jimmy Saville was a nice celebrity who just wanted to fix it for me. Turns out he wanted to do a lot more than that. Still, I can console myself with some pictures. Thanks, internet!
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I enjoy your blog, but I thought you could have done better w/ your response in the KT. Clearly there is a love/hate reltnioaship with the western teachers and Korean parents. Clearly Ms. Kim had some trouble addressing this. How do you find common gro
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I like this feature but I'm not (yet) a pro user. I use embedded videos (html) which works good, except that embedded videos do&9;e#3snt work on iPad :(.My friends and families use iPad when I share them my website, and they can't see all my embed
Superior thinking deterstnamod above. Thanks!
I'm so glad I found my sooluitn online.