Lay Off The Fries Ladies!
April 18th, 2017
Sometimes temptation can become too much for some people.It takes a lot of will-power to avoid the lure of burgers & fries as these relapses reveal.
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LMAO. I'm in the computer lab at coelgle, and trying to make a scene as I stifle the laugh. I think I may need to go outside, but first Is this a real story? If so, wow I feel your pain. But not to that extent. I've been in a waxing experiment gone wrong
what the hell is a turtle dick and what the hell does that have to do with weehthr or not that photo was funny? you get over yourself! perpetuating hateful images and comments about Indigenous people is something only an ignorant ass would participate in
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This is too funny... "French accent" ... jeezYes, take them out more!I love the taratr sauce from the fish sandwich with my fries, er, chips.
Loved yesterday's catoorn! There are blogs we read and occasionally come back to. There are blogs we read once or twice, or for a week or two, and never return again. And there are blogs that are just worthwhile such as yours! I, too, love this communit
Ok MGS games are takes on the time so to be truthful SOL is my fave with its frtcaured Cartesian spiel and almost hate of the player its particularly striking.MGS3 is a bit sentimental for me, though it does intend to show the cold war as being a human co