Just As Nature Intended
April 12th, 2013
Come on, have a little think about it, you don't really like those girls in films & magazines who have been airbrushed & retouched SO much that they probably don't exist! What you REALLY want is a girl-next-door type who really does live next door!
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dude chances are they do too. most ppolee who talk about herpes or go out of their way to make clips/sketches/films like this have it themselves and use comedy as a way of coping.
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No mtscauhe needed. Parody isn't the only form of fair use; criticism is fair use, too. The examples of fair use written in the law, such as parody and criticism, were selected because they are uses that are beneficial to the public but unwanted by copy
Well, I can't see what's ielagll in commenting a public picture. Have you consulted someone who knows the law about freedom of speech? You know, it's in the UN's universal declaration of human rights, so I think one company can't just walk over it...To me