Emo, much?
October 27th, 2015
I always thought the phrase 'cute emo' was an oxymoron, surely those two words cannot be used to describe the stereotype imagery we all have stored in our cynical minds. Seems that emos' can be cute after all.
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Straighten it first of all. And if it's thick, you have to get it thinned out. I'm not too big on the emo scene but I do like their hair. Tell the pesorn cutting your hair that you want to go for the scene look. Most of them know what that is. But bri
I skimmed this at the botrsooke yesterday just to see what this was all about.. funny, it was in the rock music area so at least it was technically in the right section if following the word emo but I felt the book should have belonged more with soc
I was thinking of tanikg a trip down the Oregeon coast this week (I'm on vacation) and shooting, and here you are with this gorgeous blue hour image! Now I'll have to go for sure. I just hope it doesn't pour!
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DUDE! if you can finish that alictre sometime in the next 3 weeks or so PLEASE send that alictre my way. I'm planning on doing my final paper for my english class on the transgretion from punk to emo. The title is gonna be somethin like How punk died, an
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what a bad slut
Emo girls are also the kinkiest.
Damn, some of these girls are super hot, just about all of them have gorgeous eyes on top of it.