Drunken Celeb Shamings
July 12th, 2011
It's nice to have a different view of the one we are usually used to, movie icons retouched to infinity & beyond being cool on the big screen. Well instead of looking up to them we can now gaze down as they lay drunk in the gutter - Cheers!
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Must have been scary, and depressing - to be in Durham, and at Duke, while that happened.I remember reading some sort of public letter produced by some Duke Faculty back then - who seemed to rush to judgement esseitnally granting that the LAX players had
I’ve listened to every frotcast, but I never knew who you guys were imitating when you do that gay, lispy deep voice. Finally figured it out when you mentioned that a lot of the emails requested more NICK RING imeirsspons. I immediately youtubed hi
Andy was a remarkable man, one of many talents. In my experience with him, I saw a man who was best at bringing people toetgher.He was a visionary, and full of energy. He will be missed greatly, but his influence and inspiration will live on.Andy Cauthen
So sorry that you&v8217;#e been struggling, but I’m glad you have a support system. Take care of you, mama. Much love and thanks for being your usual forthright and awesome self.Cameron recently posted.. http://cmikqlzy.com [url=http://gmrgxr.com]gm
Ton mini est extra. Tu as su jouer avec les jolies étiquettes de Virginie pour en faire un atout de charme tout au long de tes pa.3Jgs&#e9;aime beaucoup les tons de ta carte également.
Eight hours of smiling. Bet your chenkboees hurt today :) You look lovely in that catsuit. Red is great on you and you look as slim as a whip. x
Nov20Michael Christon Thanks Pete – Again, choice is so important in business and in life …and yep, there will be a natural erosion of customers who don’t “get” what your business offers. But there’ll also be one or
That's really thnniikg out of the box. Thanks!
I think you hit a buyelsle there fellas!
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