Clean Is The New Dirty
July 18th, 2012
Are these girls getting dirtier the more they get clean, or are they dirty chicks cleaning up their act - it's all a bit confusing, the more i see the more i'm convinced i need to be there in person, purely to make a proper judgement of course!
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 dennis smith
please no more sexy /videos thank you
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Thanks so much, all! Dan, I love that bow tie! (That is why I got it for you :-)). Thank you so much, Tim! Merry Christmas to you and lovely Sula! Thank you so much Shakima! Merry Christmas to the four of you too! Thank you so much, Lauren! I was so going
You know what, I'm very much icnlnied to agree.
Intelligence and simplicity - easy to undersntad how you think.
Your pictures are amnzaig. Your wedding was beautiful,you and Ali were (are) beautiful and the people at the wedding .You could feel the love that every single person there felt for you two. I have never seen anything like was surreal. Love you bot
Seriously, if Peeps manage to stick anuord all year now by being Christmas-themed, Halloween-themed, 4th-of-July-themed, and whathaveyou, there's no reason Creme Eggs aren't available whenever I want them. Maybe they're trying to do that whole you'll-eat
Are you kidding me?! When Katherine told us the furtue baby's name and said she was embarrassed that it was from American Wedding, I had no idea what the movie was. When I found out, I was obviously horrified, but I really do like the name. I just had
A cold shower with lots of soap.
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