Bikini Bottom High
May 31st, 2016
If you are not a fan of Spongebob then the title will have no relevance whatsoever to you and you can just enjoy the wonder of nature's beautiful creations (in bikinis). But always remember kids, Spongebob ROCKS!
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Yay! Im really happy that this is fiallny up! I was waiting for ages and now im waiting for the second episode . OH WELL! WHO CARES!!! heehee sorry I got abit to over excited then .
YAY! I HAD TO CHASE MY DUVET DOWN THE ROAD!!!! note to self: running down road scrnmaieg and running after duvet; dont do it again, the neighbours dont seem to be too happy :p
Hello all my name is Thomas and im brand new commentator on yobuute. i have uploaded 2 gameplays with commentary on them and id like to ask if you have time could you take a look at them and tell me your opinion or advice me so i can make better vid
Do you remember when Spongebob first aired in '99. The Spongebob first 3 senaoss were great. The old spongebob episodes from 1999-2004 are great. The new Spongebob episodes from 2007-present are not are funny as the earlier episodes from '99.The Spongebob
With all these silly wesbties, such a great page keeps my internet hope alive.
I like the older ones because in the new ones, Spongebob looks more anioynng than usual and have a different smile that don't look right; he also have a little difference in his voice that's annoys me. The older shows have more meaning to it and a litt