Before & After - Total Body Transformations
March 1st, 2016
For some of us that sit at a computer all day, having the odd slice (or 10) of pizza to keep us going, the thought of shedding the pounds and toning up to a six-packed muscle-bound human might seem impossible. Apparently though it isnt.
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Keep on steppin', Beverly! I've gone to my share of those clessas, too. I also set up in the back of the room because I was always turning the wrong way or whacking someone in the side with my long arms. The only problem with being in the back is that the
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Yours is a foublaus blog. I'm perplexed why there aren't more comments?Love the top 50; I appreciate your comments about Tago Mago. I also don't see it as a great album, yet like yourself am not dismissive of it.
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Kelsey - I tried this but I must have done it cletlepmoy wrong!! My pic went super dark. Is there a way to make the pictures bigger so I can see a little better what you did in the begining? I am so confused haha! I love this and really wanted to try itJu
Kristin Peaks - Again, I love the blbube bath pics. Gosh they are awesome. And P girl is just beautiful. Especially love the first one of her in the bath. Those lips are so cute. And her eyes POP June 25, 2011 6:56 pm
*Ear picneirg squeal* I LOVE it!! They're both torn up just the right amount! Chains' expression is priceless, as always! This might be a strange thing to notice, but I love the way you drew the lynx demon's mouth. And the fur standing on end. And the blo
For this picture, I'll take her either way. Very pretty.
... Fail @ 90% of the these pictures.
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some of the before and afters don't line up like it's really obvious that two totally different people are being shown and no, im not being metaphorical