Snowboarders Toby Miller, Red Gerard, and his brother Brendan Gerard hopped the fence in the dead of winter, so that they could design and build their own Snowmusement park
Hilarious commercial parody by New York-based comedian Cole Escola, sees a mom encourageing other parents to learn from her mistakes and switch from unhealthy name-brand orange juice to low-sugar Happy Orange orange juice.
Footage of an F1 pit stop in the 1950s gets compared to the modern day equivalent to show the large difference in speed and technical expertise.
January 15th, 2019
There's partying hard and having a lost weekend and then there's this guy who parties so hard he nearly knocks out the person standing next to him.
January 15th, 2019
Well, not all beards are awesome, but this guy's epic beard ensembles are not your average chin fluff.
January 15th, 2019
It's small (very small) people with BIG ideas making a statement in today's modern urban landscape, mind you, it's easy to miss anything they are doing unless you look VERY closely. In today's big world this is micro-awesome!
These images are from the home of Cho Woong, a man who could be said to like Star Wars, it's just a hunch; a few tell-tale signs littered around his flat barely perceptible to the untrained eye, but being a fan myself I notice them. WOW!
January 8th, 2019
A spider finds out the hard way that, although he may be a lot bigger in size, he really shouldn't have attacked that bees' nest.
It's so simple but oh so effective as an illusionist gets people freaking out with a magic door that looks like he's disappearing into thin air.
it would've been the worst set of photos had she said no, but she said yes, which turns this into a completely adorable way to propose.
January 8th, 2019
What people do in the privacy of their own kitchens is up to them, unless someone records it on their camera, then you're in trouble.
There's a very exacting standard when it comes to recruiting bad guys, and that standard needs to be the lowest it can possibly be.
January 8th, 2019
Maybe it's the padding, maybe it's the anonimity, there's something about being in a massive furry suit that makes you think you can get away with anything. These pictures are at the milder end of what some people get upto in fur suits.
January 8th, 2019
Those poor people and their pictures. They probably spent a good 3 or 4 seconds of their lives lining up these shots, only to have them ruined in the most disgusting of circumstances. Another batch of pics ruined by the devastating photobomb. For shame!
Something to add to the bucket list, especially if you plan on going to New Zealand, is this luging on a strange kart down a mountainside. Looks fun, if dangerous.
January 1st, 2019
In this new sketch from CBC that perfectly spoofs TED Talks, Pat Kelly, a self-proclaimed "thought leader," gives a talk on "thought leadership" at the annual This Is That conference.
Movie Munchies has created this great short video covering the history of swearing in movies. The three-minute clip goes from the very first profanity used in film in 1929 - right the way up to South Park’s potty-mouthed Bigger, Longer & Uncut.
Watch in amazement these choreographed BMWs drifting around a rotary like perfect sync and acting like total bosses.