Prepare your “HOLY SHIT!!!” face because you’ll be needing it quite a bit over the next few minutes as you schadenfreude your way through this compilation of people driving so badly that new levels of idiocy.
Memory cards, they're robots in disguise! At least, they are in this video which shows a microSD card that doesn’t just store endless photos of your cat, but instead it’s a tiny robot that can run, fly, swim, battle magnets and bust through walls.
10 different stunt guys from the group P.O.R try to run over a (in their defense, very fast) moving car—and fail epicly.
You might think Paul Rudd is adorable and a very funny man, but would you want to do the nasty with him? Billy on the Street finds out if New Yorkers think of him that way.
April 16th, 2014
This guy might be able to shred like a pro, but don't ever try thinking you can get the best over a Siamese shredder cat.
April 16th, 2014
If you thought Steve Jobs' hippy background made him a decent human being, then you should maybe think again, because if the stories in this image are true he's Captain Dickwad.
For some of us that sit at a computer all day, having the odd slice (or 10) of pizza to keep us going, the thought of shedding the pounds and toning up to a six-packed muscle-bound human might seem impossible. Apparently though it isnt.
A mind-melting horror show of a video surfaced on the internet that looked like it showed Emma Watson being unmasked to reveal she’s actually Sofia Vergara in disguise It's kind of freaky, weird and awesome at the same time.
April 14th, 2014
What's going on here is nothing but innocent chess playing, barbecuing and other normal activities. It's your mind that's in the gutter.
While there are spectacular cosmic events going on all the time in the universe, earth misses out on them because we're in a really crappy location. Which really sucks.
While this guy's daughter was singing the Frozen classic Let It Go, he took the performance into his own hands, by video bombing her in the best way possible.
April 14th, 2014
Sometimes a guitar solo can be so epic and metal, that it results in the destruction of some of your electrical equipment. Rock. On.
The backseat of a car is a great place to make out, but just be aware who's sat up front.
April 14th, 2014
Everyone's got a war face, even cute baby animals can make you jump if they get it right—and this little guy will make you fear him.
April 14th, 2014
Yep, it's Monday again, coming at ya faster than Cleopatra and full of everything that you'd rather not contemplate with zero energy and a head that feels like it's in a vice - Yep, it's time for your Monday LOLZ to ease the pain.
April 14th, 2014
Hailing from the North Shore of Kauai, cute Alana Blanchard is one of the top 5 most popular women surfers on Earth - She's down to earth, beautiful and charges infamous Banzai Pipeline. She's a pin-up who can surf.
Pope (Pachino) Francis is like a breath of fresh, totally badass, air when it comes to the Catholic Church—recounting the time when he was a bouncer forced to take down a couple of dickwads who were encroaching on his turf.
If you were looking to split up with your girlfriend but were too gutless to say it to her face, this is a good way to get dumped.